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2 Axle 20ft or 40Ft Flatbed Container Trailer TITAN
2 Axle 20ft or 40Ft Flatbed Container Trailer TITAN

2 Axle 20ft or 40Ft Flatbed Container Trailer TITAN

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TITAN produces 2 axle 20ft flatbed ontainer trailer with 30 ton loading capacity for transporting containers. 

rated payload(kg)30000
Trailer Material Carbon Steel
Transport Material1*20ft Container
Twist Locks4
SuspensionMechanical suspension with 11 / 10/ 8/7 leaf spring (W100mm x T12mm per leaf)
Floor3mm thick checkered steel plate.
King Pin3.5” /2”  exchangeable king pin,JOST Brand.
Landing Gear2 speed road side winding with sand shoe,Type: JOST C200T.
Tires11R22.5 OPTIONS: 12R22.5, 315/80R22.5,385/65R22.5 , Triangle Brand , Made in China. 
Rims10 Holes ISO. Made in China
Brake SystemDual air brake system, Wabco relay emergency valve
Brake Chamber30 type on front axle.30/30 type on other axles
Electrical System

Complete 24V installation with modular wiring harness.

 7 pole plug placed at front in accordance to ISO, norms NO.1185.

Side Lightsreflectors (orange)
Rear Lightsdirection indicators (orange) /brakes (red)/rear warning (white)
Spare Tire CarrierEquipped two sets per chassis without spare tire
Side GuardSteel
Tool BoxEquipped one set
PaintingColor by customer’s requirement
MarkingBy customer’s requirement

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Product Description

TITAN VEHICEL manufactuers high quality 20ft flatbed container trailer. With many years of richness and technological experience in production.TITAN have capable to provide flatbed trailer for transporting containers, hose, steel plate, cement bags and bulk cargo. Reliability, durability and the low maintenance of TITAN flatbed trailer have been appreciated around the world.

TITAN 20 feet container flatbed trailer advantages 

  • High strength frame : Torsion - resistan of Main Longitudinal Beams("I" high strengh steel) and Transverse Beam (channel beam).

  • All the parts of Flatbed Semi Trailer are purchased from famous brand product like Jost Lading Gear, WABOCO emergency brake, BPW Axle.That made Flatbed Semi Trailer more reliable, exhibiting great strength and a long time time of use.

  • Heavy duty type suspension, If you need to drive on really bad road, we equip your flatbed trailer with a Bogie Suspension .

  • 20ft Flatbed Container Trailer includes a 3 mm thickness flat platform that is made of checkered plates. Ridges flatbed create more friction, thus making it slip-resistant.

  •  20ft Flatbed Container trailer can use it to carry one 20ft cargo containers at one time and also deliver products like pipe , steel , lumber and any other item you want. 

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